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Stephanie F

“Catherine is amazing.  My husband and I will never forget leaving the hospital after staying 4 nights and having a challenging birth and recovery. We were on our way home, parked and hadn't even unpacked the car and Catherine had arrived 40 mins early to greet us and meet C. The first thing she said to me was "how are you feeling and where would you like me to start? " She is phenomenal. Catherine has three kids of her own and is so patient, kind and caring. She can multi-task extremely well and our son adores her, he was always smiling whenever she arrived and loved having Catherine over! Catherine also sang him bedtime songs and read him books. She is so caring and thoughtful when it comes to the momma's recovery too. She recommended postpartum yoga classes as well as a postpartum pelvic floor therapist to me to help with my sciatica that developed about 4 weeks postpartum. I attended both and was so happy for her recommendations. We miss Catherine everyday and would hire her again in an instant like I mentioned. THANK YOU CATHERINE! .”
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